Product Specifications

Bulletproof Glass SENPRO®

The growing security threats and political problems in the world and the wide spreading individual armament lead to the danger every moment for people. To prevent these risks, Senpro®has developed a wide of products. When the topic is human life, the responsibility has become the main issue with the need of real experience. At this point, Senpro®produces high-quality bullet-resistant glass that can easily carry this responsibility with advanced technology and experience. Senpro®that perpetuates the sense of security at maximum satisfaction between you and danger for years is completely producing bullet-resistant glasses with a harmony of world norms and standards.



We Senpro®are producing bullet-resistant glasses for the need of customer’s projects that is analyzed by our expert engineer team with considering the level of threat or danger. Senpro®serves to the customers with below high-tech products according to your needs and level of threats.

No Description Formula Wight/M2 Ballistic Level


1 22 mm Bulletproof Glass Senpro® 3 Layer of Special Glass + PVB Polycarbonate 55 Kg B4/Level 6
2 42 mm Bulletproof Glass Senpro® 4 Layer of Special Glass + PVB Polycarbonate 105 Kg B5/Level 7
3 52 mm Bulletproof Glass Senpro® 5 Layer of Special Glass + PVB Polycarbonate 130 Kg B6/Level 8

Ballistic Level

European Committee For Standardization Ballistic Levels

UL 752 Bullet Resistant Materials Standards


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